Your Passion. Our Mission.

The Surf Boss does it all! Whether you and your family and friends enjoy lounging, cruising, surfing, swimming or hosting happy hour – the Surf Boss is for you.

By fusing luxurious comfort and yacht deck design with state of the art surf boat performance Montara has coalesced an industry first —pontoon boats that you can legally surf from.

Fully loaded with features like huge ballast and fuel tanks, top of the line sound systems, biminis and plush seating, the Surf Boss is designed for maximum capacity and performance in every aspect.

Montara Feature
Surf Boss MT 2.0
  • Digital throttle and controls

  • Fully adjustable patented surf tabs

  • Zero Off GPS speed control standard

  • Total Control Touch Screen: center touch screen with engine management, stereo, surf controls, navigation and more

  • Rockford sound systems, USB port, ample cup holders and swiveling seats for maximum enjoyment

  • Yacht grade interior construction and styling

  • Over 100 cubic feet of storage

  • Proprietary hull design for ultimate versatility in surfing, towing, and cruising

  • Safe design with easy water access from the swim platform that has no motor in your way

  • Custom tower with integrated bimini,  speakers and lights

  • PCM V drive power, 409 HP standard, and optional 450 HP available

  • CNC & robotic construction processes

  • State of the art carbon infused molding, simple easy maintenance

Surf Boss MT 2.0